Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ducks are Calling......

Yep, it's time......time for me to get serious.....really, down-to-earth serious.....about that one thing that has somehow made it's way out of my daily routine and out of my life as I know it in my world of today.

And that would be.....ugh.....organization, you know….having my “ducks in a row”

See, I am an all-together, organized, everything-has-its-place type of woman. After all, I went into education! It's in my blood, my DNA, my heredity given by my mother whom is the epitome of togetherness and cleanliness ( btw, why didn’t I get that “it’s not clean till I can see my face in the tile” gene?)

So where, or when, did I come to the place that I find myself in now, a place of dysfunction, disorganization, distastefully disgusting……and a whole lot of “dis” things!!?? I suppose when I came to the place in my life that I now refer to as “the pause”……the time in one’s life that nothing is moving forward, no big decisions are being made, and you simply find yourself waiting…..and waiting….and waiting for the next step in your life to somehow get dropped in your lap, to magically appear before you, to have the obscuring blindfold taken off

Well, without needing to go into all of the reasoning behind that (because that would take a few bottles of vodka and a “come to Jesus” meeting), let’s just say, I have become the opposite of the woman I once was in many areas, but certainly the area of organization.

So, it’s time…….and I figured it was time because as I began going through the stacks of papers and receipts and sticky-notes to find the thing I used to call a desk, I realized that I could finally breathe! Finally feel accomplished in an area of my life (or furniture) that enabled me to relax because all of a sudden, everything was in its place! I think I had forgotten how much power and strength could be drawn from the simple task of clearing, filing, organizing , and tossing!


This is an accomplishment that I didn’t realize I was needing to overcome. I didn’t realize that I had slowly begun to pile, and shift piles, and make new piles on top of previous piles…….and then feel as if I had no control over my life! WELL DUH!!

And now I see that as the piles began to grow, I became more tense, stressed, irritated……without bothering to self-reflect about why I was feeling this way (I love it when I can use my parent-induced psychology on myself!!)…..

So, I have a clean desk!

And now I find myself telling the little people in my house (and big) that I have a new resolution, and I’m not waiting for January! I’m starting now, before the house gets crazy with school and schedules and people……I’m moving this organization bug from office, to kids’ rooms (could take a while), to cubby spaces, drawers, maybe even the garage!…….and if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, please check the closets!

I don’t care how long it takes, but I’m determined to go into this cocoon of disorganized psycho-woman and come out a beautiful, everything-has-its-place, peaceful, less-stressed momma!

It may take a while…a few midnight crisis calls to any professional organizer I can get my hands on….couple of good shots when I reach the boys’ room (or find it anyway)…but it’s gonna happen!

And if there are any sane or insane ideas or tips out there, then SHOW SOME LOVE!!

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He & Me + 3 said...

I just went to leave you a long nice comment and then my profile page popped up in the comment about weird.
anyways...short version...bins and labels. Get rid of lots. recycle. That is all. :) Good luck


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