Sunday, March 28, 2010

Career Changes = Life Changes

So if the statistic still stands that a person will change careers two to three times during their lifetime, what does it mean if you go over that amount? Really, I think you can look at it in two different ways, either each career change comes about as we get older our passions change or something comes along that peaks our interest and we find it curious enough to take a stab at it full time...or there is something about us that causes us to lose interest, become bored with the status quo and after a certain amount of time, we just give up.
My career choice of being a teacher and hoping to inspire the young minds around me was a very comfortable choice for me. It was something that came very easily to me and fit with my personality quite well. That is.......until about three years ago where I found myself becoming disappointed in myself that I had slowly stopped expecting more from me. Not because of the job I was doing but because of the non chalante way that I was living my life. Maybe passing into my thirties gave me a different look on my life, maybe it was going through a major roadblock in my life and getting a divorce, maybe it was looking back at my 11 years of teaching and wondering what I had really accomplished in my life. No, I'm not dramatic at all! LOL!
Teaching was a profession that enabled me to keep learning and using my creativity. But I found that the more I taught, the less patience I had for dealing with the politics that came with the job. I am not the person that can sit and listen to problems and complaints and then walk away and ignore it. I want to see change happen. I want to see problems solved. Yet year after year I came to the realization that all of the problems with public education were going to continue to be talked and argued about but never going to cross into actual problem solving.
Maybe I took it too much to heart or I just got fed up. Or both.
So business owner I became.....ugh!! Talk about life lessons giving you a slap in the face!!
It is sooooo much easier said than done to start a business :)
But here we are, a year later..........working to keep our heads above water, trying to make good decisions that will benefit us later on.

A positive thought to leave with:
a lunch cafe soon opening up
our very own catering truck - decked out
the start of a non-profit organization to truly benefit troubled youth
and an outlet for my creativity - party/event planning

Ready or not here we go!!

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