Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Sky is Falling!!

You ever have times in your life when you feel you're watching a movie about your life and your body is somehow part of the movie but your brain is sitting back thinking, "there's no way this is real"??

Ever have one of those?

Well, it seems to be happening quite a bit lately and I'm getting a bit freaked out! To the point that now, each time I'm walking outside, I actually look up to see if the sky is indeed falling!

Given that Terry has been gone for about a month and a half, and given the fact that there have been TWO (count, 2) pretty major things go on in our house in that time, and given the fact that my words (or posts, in this case) keep coming back to haunt me (or essentially bite me in the ass!)....I may seriously be looking into a career in fortune-telling!

I'm serious....if you happen to be a reader, follower, lover of all things Candace (aaawwww!), you remember my "reality" post about my issue with things being out of my control while Terry is gone! Well I must be completely INSANE to have uttered these words aloud because that is exactly what has happened.

FIRST, the week Terry left we (being humidity-loving, can't-get-enough-moisture-Houstonians) had torrential rain for 7 straight days. Well, since our humble abode was built when they obviously didn't know rain seeps in through brick, both our kitchen and den flooded (like flooded, as in, 2 inches of water on my floor!).
And who is left here to "save the day"???

along with every towel, blanket, pillow case, and old clothes that I could find.

Me, all alone to combat the incoming flood waters. (And mom on the phone, who graciously talked me through the crisis of running out of things to soak up the water).

But, alas, I made it through, feeling like quite the conqueror as I mopped, bleached, deodorized my way through the next day.

Not the flood, not a storm, not some act of God that I would have to endure, hoping to see the light at the end of the time when my man is not here and I have no "real" control over this household....





This was a hole in the side of my house caused by a teenage driver that had thought when she pressed on the gas, she would be moving forward.....but no, I'm afraid, dear, that your car was in REVERSE!!!!!!!

So what does this inexperienced, just-got-my-license-today, teenage driver do?? She turns the wheel, goes across my grass, and SLAMS into the wall of my HOUSE with the back of her CAR!!!!

I receive a call from the shaky voice of JR, my 9-year old, telling me that someone has just crashed into our house. I fly home (2 min down the road) and am met by a wide-eyed-can't-talk- can't-breathe-because-I-just-wet-my-pants-teenager who's mother is standing there telling me that her daughter just learned to drive.

And all I really want to say is "where the f*** did you get her driving lessons so I can go show them the difference between the f*** gear called DRIVE and the f*** gear called REVERSE????!!!!

But being the polite, gracious woman that I am (and the fact that I can't think straight because my mind is racing between thanking GOD that my children didn't get hurt and not knowing what the hell to do next because I'm not so good in emergency situations), I asked the girl if she was ok or if she was hurt....she was still in shock so she just shook her head to say she was ok.....and then I asked the critical and utmost important of questions: did they have insurance?!
Cuz if she's not hurt, then I'm gonna get straight to the POINT!

And thank GOD she had insurance because the damage outside did not prepare me for the inside:

This is the wall behind my cabinets....which has been completely broken!

If I broke open the wood piece, I could actually see OUTSIDE!

My oven was pushed out of the wall!

And lifted off of the floor....there is actually a couple of inches now between the bottom of the unit and the floor that it used to be flushed against!

After the police were called and a report was being processed, the fire dept came (oh yeah, the kids LOVED this!!) to turn off the power to my ovens (looks like pizza again) and make sure there was no possibility of a fire occurring. bring this up to date...less than a week later, a contractor has come out, told me that the repairs will be extensive and that I will be without half a kitchen for at least 1-3 weeks depending on material matching....and as it so happens, the insurance company has actually been helpful, courteous, and responsive (imagine that!)

and I have gone from anxiety-ridden emotions to laughing hysterically that of all things to had to have happened when Terry was gone!

He thinks it's humorous and has stated that these things must be happening because it's a "test" to see how well I can handle this living situation/responsibility/rely on myself thing!

I told him I don't want anymore damn tests!

I'm done!

I don't want to play out this movie and find out what the next "test" will be.

No more falling skies!

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Mama2Multitude said...

Oh Candace! My heart actually sank and I gasped out loud when I saw the first picture of the outside bricks!

Your post reminds me of when my Mr. Wonderful was in Iraq, scheduled to be home in 3 weeks to the house that I bought alone while he was away. We had 10 days of torrential downpour which resulted in the whole first floor of our new house being inches deep in water. Our insurance didn't cover "seepage"!

He came home to a horrible house after two years of deployment and I was soooo sad that he didn't get to see my incredible house-buying skills in action!!!

Fortunately, FEMA covered the damages but Mr. Wonderful had to spend his first week home tiling our floors!

Things WILL get better!

Blessings - Mama


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